Our history

Three sisters... one huge passion: healthy, high-quality food, in all shapes and forms. We’re simply crazy about great food! It didn’t take much to light the spark: “Why not start our own business?” No sooner said than done. In 1998, we purchased Importations Distributions BH Inc.—a business specializing in the distribution of carefully selected food products. And so begins a wonderful adventure!

In 2002, after four years of experience and discoveries, we adopt a corporate name that is true to our personalities and perfectly reflects our brand: Les sœurs en vrac. From the very start we have built upon the popularity of small, jarred products among consumers. This marketing strategy has allowed our small business to experience continued growth since 1998.

Keen on creativity and innovation, we are continually on the lookout for authentic flavours and products featuring the highest levels of purity. We keep atop trends, create recipes, design packaging and think up concepts.
Our customer service? Just like us: warm, dynamic, professional and extremely dependable!


Offer food that is fresh, delicious, high quality... and extraordinary! Grow, remain genuine and conscientious, maintain our code of ethics: It’s not all about profit. It’s a journey towards personal well-being.

VP Operations

Moved by my passion for travelling and art in all shapes and forms, I oversee daily operations, manage administrative work and take care of product purchasing. In my opinion, teamwork and dedication, paired with the efforts of our hard-working team, are the secret to a successful business. My vision? Turn Les sœurs en vrac into a household name.

President and Director of Sales

As head of corporate growth, I plan, spearhead and assess all business sales activities. I believe loyalty and honesty are musts for success. I am driven by great ambition and a strong sense of competition—with over 10 years of supersport motorcycle racing under my belt!—and have a specific objective in mind: tackling the international market!

VP Marketing

Going from graphic design to spices, it was simply a question of taking the plunge! And take the plunge I did by taking the lead of the company's creative and marketing initiatives. I oversee all visual aspects of the brand, from labels to displays, signage to concept development. When I need to regroup, there is nothing better than a nice walk, gardening or renovations! My vision? Ensure the business thrives by following my instincts.