• Discover our nut and dried fruit collections

    Apricots, Dried
    Cashews, Maple
    Cashews, 70% cocoa salted
    Cashews, Raw
    Cashews, Non salted
    Cashews, Salted
    Almonds, 70% cocoa salted almonds
    Almonds, 73% dark chocolate
    Almonds, Blanched sliced
    Almonds, Cafe latte
    Almonds, Chocolate & cocoa
    Almonds, Maple
    Almonds, Maple chocolate
    Almonds, Milk chocolate
    Almonds, Natural
    Almonds, Powder
    Almonds, Roasted non salted
    Almonds, Shoyo (tamari)
    Almonds, Smoked
    Almonds, Sticks
    Almonds, Whole white
    Almonds, Yogurt covered
    Apple rings, Dried
    Blueberries, 70% cocoa
    Brazil nuts
    Cherries, 70% cocoa
    Cherries, Green
    Cherries, Red
    Cranberries, 70% cocoa
    Cranberries, Dried
    Cranberries, Yogourt
    Choco chips, Pure semi-sweet
    Coconut, Shredded
    Coffe beans, 70% cocoa
    Corn, Roasted salted
    Corn, Bbq
    Corn chips, Salted with flax
    Fruits, Dried tropical fruits
    Fruit mix, Glazed
    Ginger, Crystallized
    Ginger in syrup
    Glazed orange peel
    Glazed lemon peel
    Hazelnuts, 70% cocoa
    Hazelnut powder
    Macadamia nuts
    Mango slices
    Peanuts, B.b.q.
    Peanuts, Chocolate coated
    Peanuts, Maple
    Peanuts, Non-salted
    Peanuts, Salted
    Peanuts, Spanish
    Peanuts, Sugared
    Peanuts, Yogurt covered
    Peanuts, Yogurt and maple
    Pecans, butter
    Pineapples, Glazed
    Pineapple, Chunks
    Pine nuts
    Pistachios, Non salted
    Pistachios, Raw
    Pistachios, Salted
    Prunes, Pitted
    Pumpkin seeds, Raw
    Pumpkin seeds, Salted
    Raisins 70%, Dark chocolate
    Raisins, Chocolate
    Raisins, Currant
    Raisins, Golden
    Raisins, Sultana
    Raisins, Thompson
    Raisins, Yogurt covered
    Sesame sticks, Salted
    Sunflower seeds, Raw
    Sunflower seeds, Non-salted
    Sunflower seeds, Salted
    Sesame sticks, Garlic
    Sesame sticks, Honey roasted
    Simulated bacon bits
    Soya crisps, Chili & lime
    Soya crisps, Garden herbs
    Walnut halves, California
    Walnuts in pieces, California

    4 season mix
    Comfort mix
    Energizing mix
    Forest mix
    Healthy mix
    Mixed nuts deluxe non salted
    Mixed nuts deluxe salted
    Mountain delight
    Nature mix for salads
    Sugar shack mix
    Trek mix 70% cacao
    Wolfberry mix